May 27, 2020

We no longer support Chromecast setup on a computer. To set up your Chromecast. Routers are a Layer 3 (L3) device and act as a boundary for this type of traffic. For home users with one router this generally isn't a problem because 99% of the time there's only one LAN subnet (eg. Because all of the devices live in the same How to Troubleshoot Common Google Chromecast Issues Jul 30, 2016 Chromecast Connection Recommendations – Zyxel Support Scenario. Chromecast allows you to easily enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, photos and websites on your big screen TV. With a growing number of apps supports Google Cast (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, etc.), the Chromecast is an inexpensive way to get all your favorite media on your TV.

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Chromecast devices no longer discoverable - Google Support Welcome to the help community. Your Wi-Fi network configuration prevents devices from communicating with Chromecast. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to disable AP (access point) isolation -- also known as 'Client Isolation' or 'Guest Mode' -- on your router. Please refer to your router documentation to learn how to disable AP

While all AirPlay and Chromecast devices support audio, not as many handle video -- the main devices that do are the Apple TV ($149) or Apple TV 4K ($179) and Google Chromecast ($35) streamers.

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