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Apr 19, 2018 · 6. Scroll Down to where it says DNS Server and change the drop down menu so it says Use the Following DNS Server Addresses. After changing the drop down you will see the options for Primary and Secondary DNS Servers. Add for Primary DNS Server and for Secondary DNS Server and hit Apply at the bottom of the menu: 7. We recently implemented OpenDNS filtering, however I am having some trouble with the laptops keeping their manual DNS settings that I put in. Every time I add in the OpenDNS servers ( ect), they change back to Verizon's DNS servers if the connection is reset or the computer restarts. When I used DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) access prior to Fios, the DHCP server behaved as you describe, even a short disconnect resulted in a different IP address, with Fios the behavior is DNS server LAN IP and WAN IP address selection MAC address cloning QoS support (end to end layer 2/3) featuring: Differentiated Services (Diffserv), 802.1p/q prioritization, and pass‐through of WAN‐side DSCPs, Per Hop Behaviors (PHBs), and queuing to LAN‐side devices

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Aug 13, 2013 Fios—your local Virginia internet provider - Verizon Why should I choose Verizon as my internet provider in Virginia? Whether you live in the fast-growing cities of Virginia Beach and Richmond, or on the outskirts of another, Virginians need the best home internet service to keep up. Fios Gigabit Connection fits the … Verizon Fios Internet is Having an Outage, Change DNS to Fix

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The next generation of IP address space is IPv6, which contains many more features like enhanced security, and a virtually limitless number of addresses. Unfortunately, most servers and other Internet devices will not be speaking IPv6 for a while. I'm not using Verizon's DNS Servers in my setup on this PC and I flushed my DNS cache prior to doing the test, so I'm not sure what's up with this. I'm on FIOS here as well. actions · 2006-Aug-21 Page 155 DnS SEttingS 8.4b/ DNS SERVER You can edit the host name and/or IP address, if the host was manually added to the DNS table. If not, you can only modify the host name. To access the DNS server: Select DNS Server in the DNS section. To view and add computers stored in the DNS table, click Add DNS Entry. Page 156: Monitoring What's the address of your DN server as reported by your router. You may want to deconfigure the router as the DN server (same address as the gateway) and put in a manual entry in the settings of the router (if available) using the router settings page. Currently, my DNS Servers are:, Verizon DNS Servers I used to use Opendns prior to getting Fios. My Opendns updater is still installed on the computer, but I never attempted to put opendns into the router.