Bad Ping in Rocket League. So I have google fiber and I live in LA. I get an average 100 ping on east servers and 112-116 on West Servers. Some games in the west ill get 20 ping in some games i queue into but for the most part it'll be 112+. I'm still looking for solutions and an answer to this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? High ping on games while streaming - Arqade Your ping, according to your speed test, is 31 milliseconds, which is actually pretty good. – MBraedley May 18 '14 at 17:30 @MBraedley I'm sure the speedtest will have been taken without the stream or game running, so I'd guess the ping latency in the image is not relevant in that context. High latency (ping) | AT&T Community Forums Jan 22, 2016 Bad Ping But Good Wifi? :: Counter-Strike: Global Aug 29, 2015

What is a good Ping time for the online gaming. In general, rather than the internet downloading speed, ping time is must be required and important for the purpose of playing games. Around 20 milliseconds ping time or less than that will somewhat give you great feel.

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