Step-by-Step Tutorial: Configure Master Slave DNS Server

How to Install and Configure DNS Server in Linux Network Information. In this tutorial, we are going to setup a local DNS server for the network shown … How To Troubleshoot DNS Client Issues in Linux For DNS resolution to succeed to, the DNS server at will need to accept TCP and UDP traffic over port 53 from our server. A port scanner such as the nmap tool can be used to confirm if the DNS server is available on port 53 as shown below. Note: To install nmap run ‘yum install nmap -y’. How to install DNS server on RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 Linux Jun 21, 2019 How to Find Default Gateway in Linux | Unixmen

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7.2. Domain Name Server (DNS) Configuration and Administration. At my place of employment, we are using Linux as a DNS server. It performs exceptionally well. This section will address configuration of DNS tables for these services using the BIND 8.x package which …

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May 21, 2016 · In simple terms, Nslookup queries a local or the remote DNS servers to dig out information about the requested domain. You can also use many variants of this command on CMD to find out more and