When you connect your Roku to your Smart TV, you’ll bypass the smart parts of the TV, and just select HDMI 1, 2, 3 or whatever, then use the Roku remote.

How to connect Roku streaming device to an A/V receiver Call us @ +1-805-259-3373 - Get ultimate guidance for connect your roku device to an A/V receiver with the help of roku.com/link. How to connect a Roku TV to a receiver using HDMI I'm surprised I haven't seen this question everywhere. I have a TCL Roku TV and I have a Yamaha receiver. I would assume I could just connect the TV to the receiver using an HDMI cable from the ARC port of the TV into the TV port of the receiver. But I get no sound out of my Yamaha speakers. I made

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If your Roku Stick has a USB power cable and your TV has a USB port, you can instead plug the USB cable into your Roku Stick and your TV. Switch to the Roku's input. Turn on your TV, then press the Input, Video, or Source button on the remote (or the TV) and select the HDMI slot into which the Roku Stick is inserted. How to Add Roku to Samsung Smart TV - Tech Junkie Nov 07, 2019 Roku

If you have windows 10 it is possible to mirror your windows 10 PC onto your Roku but if your want to be able to watch your PC on a IPad/Tablet/Roku/Chromecast/FireTv

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